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Preserving privacy in mobile envinronments

Matos, A. ; Girão, J. ; Sargento, S. ; Aguiar, R.

Preserving privacy in mobile envinronments, Proc IEEE Global Communications Conference - GLOBECOM, Washington, United States, Vol. 0, pp. 0 - 0, November, 2007.

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User privacy is a growing requirement in the evolution of communication networks. In this sense, the concept of virtual personae, which corresponds to different identities of the same user, starts getting much attention. However, to provide privacy and non-linkage between these virtual users, a cross-layer approach to identity needs to be supported. This paper proposes a solution to preserve the application layer privacy models by applying the virtual personae concept throughout the network stack. It also proposes mechanisms for non-correlation between identities in 4G mobile environments, and addresses the benefits of the evolving multi-homing characteristics of 4G networks to enrich the non-linkage between identities support of our privacy solution.