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DIVERT for Realistic Simulation of Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks

Fernandes, R. ; d´Orey, P. M. ; Ferreira, M.

DIVERT for Realistic Simulation of Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks, Proc IEEE International Conf. on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems - MASS, San Francisco, United States, Vol. ., pp. 721 - 726, November, 2010.

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Simulation of vehicular networks has been extensively studied in the recent years. In order to have an holistic view of the network functioning, communications and vehicle mobility aspects should be modeled in detail and fully integrated. This article presents a tool for simulating heterogeneous vehicular networks. A very tightly integrated simulator was designed by extending DIVERT
capabilities for adding NS-3 support. The feasibility of the approach has been tested by means of an application example: in-vehicle traffic lights. The superior performance and the scalability of the simulator are evident from the analysis of the provided results.