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The VISNET II DVC codec: architecture, tools and performance

Ascenso, J. ; Brites , C. ; Dufaux, F.D. ; Fernando, W. ; Ebrahimi, T.E. ; Pereira, F. ; Tubaro, S.

The VISNET II DVC codec: architecture, tools and performance, Proc European Signal Processing Conference EUSIPCO, Aalborg, Denmark, Vol. -, pp. - - -, August, 2010.

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This paper introduces the VISNET II DVC codec. This codec
achieves very high RD performance thanks to the efficient
combination of many state-of-the-art coding tools into a
fully practical video codec. Experimental results show that
the proposed DVC codec consistently outperforms
H.264/AVC Intra. For sequences with coherent motion, it
even surpasses H.264/AVC zero-motion. Finally, it is also
always better than the DISCOVER DVC codec. Therefore, it
is expected that the proposed high performing DVC codec
will be used by other researchers in the field as a reference
to benchmark their results.