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Context-awareness as an enabler for Quality of Experience in Group-based communications

Coutinho, N. ; Condeixa, T. ; Sargento, S.

Context-awareness as an enabler for Quality of Experience in Group-based communications, Proc Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications Symp. - WPMC, Recife, Brazil, Vol. , pp. 0 - 0, October, 2010.

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In the future, the different levels of heterogeneity of the information retrieved from sensors will be able to build a very rich source of information that can be used towards the enhancement of network performance and users service perception. We believe that this is the main reason behind the increasingly popular concept of context-awareness. Current context-aware architectures aim to provide a platform for the development and support of personalized services, adapting contents and the way they are delivered to the user particular context (device, preferences and surrounding environment). However, in group-based communications, the integration of multiparty services and personalization is a very challenging task. In this paper, we show how context information can influence the creation of groups of users and improve their quality of experience. Through a group-oriented content delivery framework, we proposed a context-aware selection approach for group-based communications. The selection scheme uses context information from the user, network and the environment to decide, among the available networks, the most suitable one regarding its communications needs. The obtained results show that, indeed, context-based grouping is able to improve the users' quality of experience.