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COR: an Efficient Class-based Resource Over-pRovisioning Mechanism for Future Networks

Logota, E. ; Sargento, S.

COR: an Efficient Class-based Resource Over-pRovisioning Mechanism for Future Networks, Proc IEEE Symp. on Computers and Communications (ISCC), Riccione, Italy, Vol. N/A, pp. N/A - N/A, June, 2010.

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Recent research efforts claim that dynamic per-class
network resource over-provisioning is promising, since
aggregated over-reservations allow to significantly reduce state,
processing and signaling overheads. However, over-reservation
must be carefully controlled to prevent waste of resources, which
can be introduced by residual bandwidth (over-reserved but
unused) of each Class of Service (CoS). Moreover, admission
control can be compromised by inefficient over-reservation
control mechanism, where excessive signaling can be placed
under severe network conditions, such as congestion periods. In
this scope, this paper proposes a novel Class-based resource
Over-pRovisioning (COR) mechanism with novel techniques to:
(a) over-provision CoSs by computing appropriate bandwidth
over-allocation; (b) redistribute residual bandwidth among CoSs
to avoid wasting resources. The performance evaluation shows
the superiority of COR proposal over state-of-the-art solutions in
optimizing the overall network performance, while preventing
from bandwidth waste and unnecessary sessions blocking.