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Analytical Analysis of Polyphase Magnitude Modulation Method’s Performance

Gomes, M. ; Silva, V. ; Cercas, Cercas, F. ; Tomlinson, M.

Analytical Analysis of Polyphase Magnitude Modulation Method’s Performance, Proc IEEE International Conference on Communications - ICC , Cape Town, South Africa, Vol. -, pp. 1 - 5, May, 2010.

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An efficient multistage polyphase magnitude modulation (MPMM) scheme was recently proposed to solve the problem of controlling the envelope’s power peak of single car- rier modulated signals, band limited by root-raised cosine (RRC) pulse shaping filters, in order to maximize the efficiency of the transmitter’s high power amplifier (HPA). This paper addresses the statistical analysis of MPMM coefficients and performs an analytical study of the average power and the peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) of the magnitude modulated transmitted signals. It is shown that the average power losses due to MPMM are largely compensated by the outstanding back-off reduction gains, leading to an effective reduction on the transmitted signal’s PAPR. The analytical study also shows that these losses are comparable to those observed with the clipping method (less than 1dB), without generating the undesirable spectral regrowth effect.