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Formação de conjuntos em Educação Pré-­‐Escolar: uma primeira experiência, um ponto de partida

Duque, I. ; Pinho, L. ; Carvalho, P. ; Coelho, A. ; Vale, V. ; Martins, F.

Exedra Vol. 9, Nº 1, pp. 198 - 207, December, 2014.

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ISSN (online): -7880

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Children should have opportunities to develop mathematics learning. In Preschool Education the
promotion of those opportunities should be related to the context and in accordance with children’s
One of the goals of educating for Statistics at this stage is related, albeit implicitly, to the promotion
of statistical literacy, which involves the collection and organization of data (ME, 1997, 2010).
In this paper we present an experience in a preschool setting in which the approach to statistic was
taken through the methodology of project work. Based on data collected during the project we aimed
to understand the potential of combining the methodology of project work and educator knowledge on
statistics to foster children learning.
Some preliminary results show that the transdisciplinary context associated with the educator
statistical knowledge is fundamental to promote statistical literacy and statistical reasoning in children.
Keywords: Statistical Knowledge for teaching, Preschool Education, Methodology of project work,
building sets