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Socially-Aware Multimedia Dissemination in Personal Mobile Networks

Guardalben, L. ; Gomes, G.T ; Salvador, P. ; Sargento, S.

Wireless Personal Communications Vol. 94, Nº 0929-6212, pp. 1 - 34, June, 2017.

ISSN (print): 1572-834X
ISSN (online): 0929-6212

Scimago Journal Ranking: 0,26 (in 2017)

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1007/s11277-017-4609-1

Mobile multimedia entertainment is pervasive on mobile devices, leading people to access, store and disseminate a diversity of multimedia contents anytime and anywhere. The main challenge comes from achieving high successful delivery rates with low end-to-end delays for dissemination of multimedia content at last-hop devices. This article presents a novel approach to disseminate multimedia content merging technical with social behaviors and preferences to better perform device associations. Those technical and social preferences allow to understand and infer a full social-aware behavior, aiming to create the possibility to maintain the best associations between devices through their activities and interactions in the network. The potential to consider a real social-aware behavior is presented as a solution to enhance the dissemination of multimedia content process over mobile infrastructureless networks. Through two proposed case studies: (1) Mobile Tour Guide and (2) Soccer Stadium with its own peculiarities and characteristics, we show how our proposed solution enhances the dissemination and reception of multimedia content beyond the baselines analyzed.