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Technical and Economic Assessment of a 450 W Autonomous Photovoltaic System with Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Storage

Beirão, J. ; Fernandes, J. ; Fernandes, C. F. ; Branco, P. J.Costa Branco

Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems Vol. 6, Nº 1, pp. 129 - 149, December, 2017.

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This paper presents a study about an autonomous photovoltaic system making use of the
novel Lithium Iron Phosphate as a battery pack for isolated rural houses. More
particularly, this paper examines the behavior and efficiency of a low-cost isolated
photovoltaic system for typical rural houses near Luena in Angola. The proposed system
(solar panel, batteries, controller, and inverter) has been projected having in mind the
required household daily load of 1,300 Wh and available solar irradiance. The initial
batteries charging revealed to be essential to not only ensure a long battery life but using
a balanced pack it was possible to achieve more stored energy. On-site, the
polycrystalline solar panels used showed a daily average efficiency of 10.8%, with the
total system having 75% efficiency. This result was adjusted to the average temperature
in Angola. This way, it was made an extrapolation to the monthly irradiation values in
Angola. The results achieved showed good energy production during almost all year
except January and December, which revealed critical production values of 1,356 Wh
and 1,311 Wh, respectively. These values are too close to the daily consumed energy and
indicate the addition of a 2nd alternative source of energy (wind generator, diesel
generator, etc.) to be explored further.