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Strain Sensitivity Enhancement of a Sensing Head Based on ZEONEX Polymer FBG in Series With Silica Fiber

Oliveira, R. ; Bilro, L. ; Marques, T. H. R. ; Cordeiro, C. M. B. ; Nogueira, R.N.

Journal of Lightwave Technology Vol. 36, Nº 22, pp. 5106 - 5112, September, 2018.

ISSN (print): 0733-8724
ISSN (online):

Scimago Journal Ranking: 1,45 (in 2018)

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/JLT.2018.2870054

This study presents the use of a sensing device composed of an all ZEONEX-480R polymer fiber Bragg grating, in series with a silica fiber, for the control/enhancement of the strain sensitivity. The results show that the amount of strain imposed in the total gauge length is unequally distributed in each fiber section. The low Young’s modulus and diameter of the polymer fiber employed, compared to the silica one, leads to a higher strain density in the former. Additionally, the control of the length of each fiber section plays also an important role on the distribution of strain in each fiber. Theoretical results show that higher strain sensitivities are easier to achieve for short and long polymer and silica fiber lengths, respectively. Experimental characterization of a sensing head composed by a 2.6 cm polymer optical fiber and different lengths of silica fiber, led us to control and improve the strain sensitivity of the sensing device.