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A comunicação organizacional em cooperação com a educação básica: Uma experiência pedagógica

Fernandes, J. ; Andrade, C. ; Martins, F. ; Silveira, S.

Exedra Vol. 1, Nº 1, pp. 58 - 67, November, 2018.

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ISSN (online): -7880

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The Bologna Process has brought to higher education the possibility of the knowledge and
skills to be acquired within the scope of higher education being updated and complemented
with training beyond the classroom. In this context, inter and transdisciplinary training gains
an added value in an approach of formation aimed to reach knowledge development. This
article reflects on the results of a training model created by the “CO meets” that gathered, in
a seminar and in a thematic workshop, students of the degree of Organizational
Communication with students enrolled in other programs offered by Coimbra Education
Keywords: competencies for the 21st century; collaborative learning; problem based
learning; non-formal learning.