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User-Centric Data Gathering Multi-Channel System for IPv6-enabled Wireless Sensor Networks

Neves, P. A. C. S. N. ; Esteves, A. F. F. E. ; Cunha, R. M. F. C. ; Rodrigues, J. R.

International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks Vol. 9, Nº 1, pp. 13 - 23, February, 2011.

ISSN (print): 1550-1329
ISSN (online): 1550-1477

Journal Impact Factor: 0,665 (in 2014)

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Wireless sensor networks provide sensing services through wireless connection of smart sensor nodes, featuring highly constrained hardware. Research has been focused on dedicated routing and transport protocols, namely validated through simulation, with the lack of real deployments. Recently IPv6 caught some research interest by introducing a unified technology vision between the Internet and sensor networks, integrating a stack for internal IPv6 operation at the smart sensor level. Although a good approach for Internet connectivity, IPv6-based wireless sensor networks still lack the tools to enable ubiquitous computing, thus presenting the user with interfaces and capabilities to fully take advantage of sensing services for other applications. This paper presents a multi-channel data-gathering solution with support for web visualization, local computer application and mobile application. As a result sensed data can be disseminated and consumed through various channels simultaneously, with adequate features and user interfaces. Moreover the system features a Plug-and-Play like experience by abstracting hardware details and zero user-configuration.