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Soccer Teams Behaviors: Analysis of the team’s distribution in function to ball possession

Clemente, F.M.C. ; Couceiro, M. Couceiro ; Martins, F.

Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology Vol. 6, Nº 1, pp. 130 - 136, January, 2013.

ISSN (print): 2040-7459
ISSN (online): 2040-7467

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Innovative tools to soccer analysis are the main concern of the sport performance analysts. Considering team players occupation as one of the fundamental characteristics of soccer success, is too important generate new systems to interpret the post-match reality. These systems must be easy for the coach's applications. Thus, this work proposes an easy tool to understand the team’s collective behaviour in function to their ball possession status. Through the histograms of all team players will be possible understand the most occupied areas by each team, trying understand possible tendencies in the moments with and without ball possession. Were analyzed two teams during an official soccer match, collecting their positions at each instant. Using this tracking was possible perform two heat maps by each team, representing the moments with and without ball possession. Through this method was possible analyze different collective behaviors and explain how could coaches interpret outcomes.

Keywords: Match analysis; Soccer; Collective Behaviour; Heat Maps.