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Coalition Formation Game Toward Green Mobile Terminals in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Saghezchi, F. ; Radwan, A. ; Rodriguez, J. ; Dagiuklas , T.D.

IEEE Wireless Communications Vol. 20, Nº 5, pp. 85 - 91, October, 2013.

ISSN (print): 1536-1284
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Scimago Journal Ranking: 2,68 (in 2013)

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Multi-standard mobile terminals (MTs) are the trend of current and future mobile devices for taking advantage of heterogeneous integration of wireless access networks and providing ubiquitous connectivity and better quality of service. Holding multiple active interfaces, however, incurs significant power consumption burdens to MTs. This not only increases the carbon footprint of MTs but also makes the batteries of MTs deplete rapidly. Consequently, mobile users may have to relentlessly look for power outlets to charge their devices, which may threaten their true mobility freedom. To this end, in this article, we propose a promising approach based on coalition formation game and inter-terminal cooperation. Our innovative approach motivates MTs to cooperate, while addressing the issue of isolating selfish players. MTs assess radio channels and disseminate the acquired information as well as their available resources to sketch a global view of the radio environment. Based on this view, coalitions are formed whenever energy saving is foreseeable. Within a coalition, MTs pool their resources and perform their tasks cooperatively to maximize their energy efficiency. Simulation results validate that the proposed approach can effectively double the battery lifetimes of MTs, while successfully eliminating selfish players from cooperative groups.