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Ensinar através da modelação matemática: uma primeira discussão baseada numa experiência de ensino no 4.º ano de escolaridade

Martins, F. ; Vieira, M. ; Reis, D. ; ., .

Exedra Vol. 8, Nº 2, pp. 165 - 180, December, 2013.

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Mathematical modeling as a learning environment is currently considered as a methodological approach based on the use of problem solving sustained on the student’s context. Its implementation in classroom allows students to take a leading role in problem posing and solving. As such, it is perceived as one of the ways to enhance a meaningful mathematics learning, wherein students actively participate in the process, thus being (co)responsible for the group’s knowledge by sharing and discussing systematic solutions. To fully apply mathematical modeling as a learning environment, teachers’ knowledge plays a prominent position, not only related to the methodology itself, but also with the mathematical topics and their possible connections.
In this paper, we present an experiment of mathematical modeling as a learning environment held at the elementary school, using task involving sequences.

Key-words: Mathematical modelling as a learning environment; Elementary school; Classroom practice.