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Improving dynamic range of software-defined radio receivers for multi-carrier wireless systems

Cruz, P.M. ; Carvalho, N.B.C.

IET Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation Vol. 9, Nº 1, pp. 16 - 23, January, 2015.

ISSN (print): 1751-8725
ISSN (online):

Journal Impact Factor: 1,187 (in )

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1049/iet-map.2013.0692

This study presents an architecture to increase the instantaneous dynamic range of multi-carrier wideband digital receivers. The proposed topology includes a directional coupler followed by two parallel analog-to-digital converters and digital signal processing to reconstruct the signal. It will be shown that the proposed technique is able to increase the dynamic range of software-defined radio (SDR) receivers for multiband signals presenting certain statistical patterns. The concept is validated by simulations and measurements of a real SDR front-end receiver for multiband communications scenario, which will demonstrate improvements in the order of 6 dB when compared to existing alternatives.