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Wireless Passive Voting Device and System

Medeiros, C. R. ; Costa, J.R. ; Fernandes, C. A.

Instituto de Telecomunicações

Invention Title: Wireless Passive Voting Device and System

Patent Nr.: PCT/PT2009/000071

Type: Patent

Regional Coverage: PCT

Priority Date: 09-12-2009

Filing Date: 10-12-2009

The present invention relates to wireless passive voting device comprising at least a carrier layer made of dielectric material over which is arranged a plurality of RFID tags, each RFID tag corresponding to a selectable vote option or answer; and at least a selected RFID tag masking layer comprising one electromagnetically opaque single film or a plurality of film strips, with said RFID tags of the carrier layer, a region for RFID visibility and RFID tag reading, and which allows detection and unambiguous identification of said RFID tag corresponding to the selected vote option or answer. The present invention further relates to a wireless passive voting system using one or more devices, as well as to a voting method.