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Information dissemination in a multi-technology communication network

d´Orey, P. M. ; Maslekar, N. ; Zahariev, N.

Patent Nr.: US9832706


Regional Coverage: PCT

Grant Status: Granted

Priority Date: 30-07-2014

Filing Date: 30-07-2014

Granting Date: 28-11-2017

Country: United States

A method for information dissemination in a multi-technology communication network wherein network nodes are equipped with first communication means for operating via a long range communication network and with second communication means for performing short-range communication includes performing, by a central entity, the steps of determining coverage areas of the network nodes; establishing dissimilarity relations between network nodes with respect to the coverage areas of the network nodes such that a dissimilarity relation index value is larger for two network nodes covering less similar areas; and selecting, subject to configurable constraints, network nodes with a highest dissimilarity relation index value as mobile infrastructure nodes that are intended to act as relay and/or forwarder nodes for supporting optimal information penetration in a given destination dissemination area.