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Magnetic transmission line device for terahertz integrated circuits

Brandão Faria, J

Instituto de Telecomunicações, Instituto Superior Técnico

Invention Title: Magnetic transmission line device for terahertz integrated circuits

Patent Nr.: PI-0139

Type: Patent

Regional Coverage: PCT

Priority Date: 12-12-2011

Filing Date: 11-12-2012

This invention refers to a passive device that includes a magnetic transmission line for implementation in integrated circuits. The magnetic line structure, where electro-magnetic signals are guided, is constituted by two longitudinally parallel strips or films, (2) and (3), made of an isotropic soft magnetic material (e.g., ferrite). The magnetic strips or films are placed on opposite faces of an insulating slice of dielectric material (1). Preliminary research work has showed that, in comparison with the standard solution of utilizing metallic strips made of very good conducting material (e.g., silver), the proposed device, by utilizing magnetic strips for signal propagation, offers significant advantages in the terahertz band as far as the attenuation, dispersion and transmission velocity are concerned. Terahertz technology has numerous potential applications: in telecommunications; ultrafast computers; aerospace; defense, surveillance, and security; medical and biologic imaging; and, also, in food control.