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Method and system for correcting and monitoring phase noise in coherent optical multi-carrier systems with chromatic dispersion

Monteiro, P. ; Guiomar, F. P. ; Neves, M. S.

Instituto de Telecomunicações, Universidade de Aveiro

Invention Title: Método de correção e monitorização do ruído de fase em sistemas óticos coerentes multiportadora na presença de dispersão cromática

Patent Nr.: PCT/IB2021/053476

Type: Patent

Regional Coverage: PCT

Priority Date: 27-04-2020

Filing Date: 27-04-2021

Digital signal processing method and system for correcting phase noise in a coherent optical multi-carrier system over an optical channel for signal transmission, in which the multi-carrier system includes an optical transmitter for sending two or more subcarriers and an optical receiver for receiving said subcarriers; in which the optical channel is subject to chromatic dispersion, the laser of the emitter is subject to phase noise, and the laser of the receiver is subject to phase noise; in which the digital signal processing system includes an electronic data processor that is configured to estimate the phase noise of the receiver through the linear combination of the phase noise of the transmitter and the phase noise of the receiver, when said linear combination is received in the receiver, and is configured to estimate the phase noise of the transmitter.