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Miguel Pereira

on 11-11-2020

... I accepted a new challenge and joined Celfinet, in Porto. Since then, I've been working closely with R&D teams and many talented engineers. (see more)

In December of 2007, I was invited to pursue my PhD in the
telecommunications area, by working with my supervisors Prof. Luis Bernardo and Prof. Rui Dinis, both members of IT, UNINOVA and Professors from Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT-UNL).

My research was focused on time diversity solutions with the purpose to cope with lost transmitted packets and in the following 4 years, I've worked in a close collaboration and as a member of the Telecommunication Group from FCT-UNL.

Throughout this time, I had the opportunity to evolve my work and knowledge in several telecommunications areas, as well as attend multiple renown international conferences.

After finishing the write of my PhD thesis, in February of 2012, I've continued my collaboration with IT and UNINOVA in international projects also with the collaboration of the industry.

However, in October of 2013 I've decided it was the time for a career shift and embrace new challenges in the industry world. I joined the planning and optimization team at Nokia, in Lisbon, Portugal. In my stay at Nokia, I've worked with several enthusiastic people, on different projects and evolving challenges. It was a valuable experience and a great opportunity to work in the real telecom world.

Nevertheless (with my PhD already finished on January of 2013), on February of 2015, I accepted a new challenge and joined Celfinet in Porto, Portugal. Since then, I've been working closely with R&D teams and many talented engineers.

As a product owner at Celfinet, all the knowledge and research methodology acquired throughout my PhD at IT/UNINOVA/FCT-UNL, have been the cornerstone of all my professional skills and contributions for the company. As an Engineer and a person, I've no doubts about the IT/UNINOVA/FCT-UNL importance on my education, knowledge and experience.

It was a privilege to work with such talented group of researchers and supervisors on my journey at IT. Thanks for everything!