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Where are you now Catarina Runa?

on 01-09-2021

My journey in IT started in 2011 when I joined the Porto Interactive Center (PIC) team as a Computer Vision researcher.

Just one year later, Verónica Orvalho challenged me into doing a Ph.D. in Computer Science, focused on the development of Machine Learning methods for real-time facial recognition and 3D facial animation. I can proudly say that I was part of the very primordial discussions around Didimo and couldn't be more impressed by the incredible work that Verónica and the team did to make all those dreams come true.

After finishing my Ph.D., I joined Deloitte, where I worked as an Artificial Intelligence lead specialist for 3 years. Later, I moved to London, UK to join Square Enix as a Data Analytics and Data Science Manager. Around 2 years ago, I decided to get back to financial services and joined the Data Science team of Lloyds Banking Group as a Senior Manager, where I lead a team of around 30 people, including data scientists and data engineers.

Since I arrived in London, I've been focused on transforming how companies use data and Machine Learning for process automation and decision-making. This not only involves consolidation of data warehouses for data storage, building data pipelines for data processing and feature engineering, and developing prediction models; but also, software development and migrations to the public cloud required to interface our Machine Learning outputs, automating model re-training/data and models' controls, plus making all of this software work at scale from a computational perspective.