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Where are you now Falah Jabar? - Catching up with our former Ph.D. student

on 30-01-2024

My journey at IT began in 2016 as a Ph.D. student in the field of Electrical and Computer engineering.

I became a member of a multimedia signal processing group, having a collaborative and pleasant teamwork environment.

My Ph.D. was supervised by Paula Queluz and João Ascenso, on the topic "Assessment and Optimization of Omnidirectional Images Viewport Rendering". This was a challenging experience that significantly impacted my scientific career and my personal life, providing me with a new set of skills to overcome any future challenges.

Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, dedicated to the development of computer vision and deep learning techniques within the field of digital pathology. The goal is to enhance the diagnostic decision-making process by leveraging the power of computer vision and deep learning techniques. This allows diagnostic decisions more quantitative, reliable, and faster under the supervision of a pathologist.


Where Are You Now Filipa Prudêncio? - Catching up with our former Ph.D. student

on 10-01-2024

Filipa Prudêncio, a skilled athlete in surfing and various sports and a guest professor at ISCTE...

She was honored with the “Best PhD Thesis” in multiple fields for 2013/2014 by institutions like Instituto Superior Técnico and ANACOM. In 2014, URSI recognized her with the “Best Student Paper Award” and “Young Scientist Award”. She also secured the 2nd spot in a paper competition at the 2013 “Advanced Electromagnetic Materials” Congress. Recently, she was awarded the ANACOM Prize.

Filipa shared her thoughts on this important achievement with us...